Meet The Team: Andrew Maynard - Fastec Engineering

Andrew Maynard

Meet The Team: Andrew Maynard


Introducing: Andrew Maynard
Department: Fastec Engineering
Role: Engineer/ Machinist

With eight years under his belt within our team at Fastec Engineering, Andrew Maynard has the technical experience and skills to create just about anything for our customers. Naming the people he works with as the reason he has remained here at our company for so long, Andrew’s background in construction has given him a keen eye for detail and a hands-on approach.

Moving industries when looking for a change in career; Andrew now enjoys making the varied components manufactured in our 15,000 square foot Newmarket-based workshop. “I like working with aluminium in particular,” he explains. “It’s much easier to machine!

A vital cog in our team, Andrew has helped Fastec Engineering become one of the country’s leading precision engineering companies. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys playing football and gaming. He also enjoys rock music.

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